Illvis Freshly is an up-and-coming Canadian band from Victoria, BC. The band consists of two emcees, a guitarist/singer, a DJ/singer, and a drummer. Their sound is a fusion of live, electronic, and classic hip-hop elements, making them a unique and widely accessible act. 

The two emcees, Doc Zoo (Jesus Estevez) and Danimal House (Dan Howse), excel both onstage and in the booth, captivating the crowd with dynamic flows and combining wry introspection and clever double entendres to make listeners press repeat. Estevez produces the beats, using a combination of synthesizers, live instrumentation, and classic funk and soul samples quintessential to 90s hip-hop. 

Beyond pumping out catchy riffs and singing hooks, guitarist Phil Lyons is a wildly entertaining performer and crowd-surfing aficionado acclaimed for his face-melting solos. Drummer Mike Cooper’s precision and sense of rhythm are matched only by his focus and onstage energy. 

Last but certainly not least, Mt. Doyle (Justin Doyle) graces choruses with soulful hooks while also spinning and scratching records. In an industry where it has become increasingly difficult to be original, they have created something special with this project. 

While their influences include A Tribe Called Quest, Atmosphere, and Run The Jewels, their sound can best be described as Beastie Boys meets Jurassic 5, with some bass-heavy flavor in the mix. Undeterred by pandemics and torrential flooding, they released their 16 track fourth album, Full Send, at the end of 2021. They released two full-length albums, What Chu Know About Illvis? and Illennials in 2015 and 2016, the Certified Fresh EP in 2018, and a series of singles since. 

They won Best Urban/Electronic Recording for their singles On The Breaks and Upside Down ft. Caleb Hart, and Group of The Year both years at the Vancouver Island Music Awards in 2016 and 2017. They were local radio station The Zone 91.3’s Band Of The Month in January 2017. 

Beyond local recognition, their exciting sound has received international attention leading to collaborations with U.K. artists like Featurecast and Father Funk. While their recorded music has earned them critical recognition and a dedicated following, Illvis Freshly is “one of those bands you have to see live”. 

They have had the opportunity to bring their feel-good party vibes to a number of amazing festivals including: Shambhala, Rifflandia, Electric Love, Fozzyfest, Boogaloo, Kamp, High Times Cannabis Cup, Quadrapalooza, Victoria Ska and Reggae Festival, Bamboo Bass Festival, and Tall Tree (to name a few). They have had the honour of sharing the stage with some legendary acts, such as: Souls of Mischief, Ghostface Killah, Merkules, De La Soul, The Beatnuts, Stylust Beats, DubFX, Afroman, and Grieves. To sum it up, the boys are here to play some dope music, eat pizza, and have a good time… and they are most definitely succeeding at all three.


Hailing from Victoria, BC, Illvis Freshly blends the classic hip hop sound of the 90s with live guitar, rapping, and turntablism. With high energy performances and bass heavy flavour, Illvis Freshly is bringing the funk back to the west coast Canadian hip hop / electronic music scene.
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